Just Charlie 


Feature Film - Costume Designer


Talented young football star , Charlie, is a girl trapped in the body of a boy. Staring Patricia Potter, Scot Williams, Harry Gilby, Joshua Pascoe and Karen Bryson.


Directed by Rebekah Fortune

Produced by Karen Newman




Comedy Sketch - Costume Designer


God and Gabriel name  all the animals  on the 6th day of creation. Written by award winned comedy quartet, Mixed Doubles.


Directed by Ben Garfield

Produced by Stefan Parker


 ...Coming Soon 


Living with a Witch 


Comedy Sketch - Costume Designer


Pete shows his friends around his new flat in London and introduces them to his nightmare of a house mate. Written by award winned comedy quartet, Mixed Doubles.


Directed by Ben Garfield

Produced by Stefan Parker




Music Video - Costume Designer


A music video for the band Twin Hidden.


Directed and produced by Joel Scott-Halkes


I Wear It All 


Advertisment - Costume Designer


An online advertisment for Adidas. Featuring profesional boxer Luke Watkins.


Directed and Produced by Mono Ghose




Short Film - Costume Designer


A night in the  lives of three violent young men. Shot in London.  


Directed and produced by Anton Brandt Thykier





Short Film - Costume Designer


A young boy tries to cope with the loss of his best friend. Shot on digital and 16mm.


Directed by Dominic Beeput

Produced by Maria Hylton


 Coming Soon 


Angel of Hull 


Short Film - Costume Designer


A woman struggles to cope with the death of her father.


Directed by Elizabeth Healey

Produced by Anna Gallon




Feature Film

Costume Designer/Supervisor 


A squad of eight Special Forces soldiers are assigned a suicide mission to rescue a scientist from a city ruled by the undead.


Directed by Chee Keong Cheung

Produced by Intense Productions


 Coming Soon 


La Belle Folie 


Short Film - Costume Designer


A desperate young actress attempts to write, direct and star in her own French period drama, as part of an elaborate attempt to prove to her agent that she is a suitable candidate for a French-language film audition. The results are disastrous.


Directed by ruth pickett 

Produced by square cat films






Huntar - 4am 


Music Video - Costume Designer


A music video for the song 4AM by Huntar. Featuring actor and model Holly Horne.


Directed by Dylan Holmes William

Produced by Zoya films


The Shadow Within 


Feature Film - Costume Assistant (London)

A Feature film staring Lindsay Lohan, Charlotte Beckett and Olivier Englebert. 


Directed by Tiago Mesquita 

Produced by Crafted Films




Short Film - Costume Designer

This dark satirical fantasy film explores the pressure to hit ones targets at work. 


Directed by Amy Feeley 

Produced by Macabra Productions


Will You Be 


Music Video - Costume Designer

A music video for singer songwriter Ronald Brian . 


Directed by Roland Walters 

Produced by Khona Productions


all the ordinary angels  


Feature Film - Costume Designer

The patriarch of a traditional Italian ice-cream buisness pits his two sons against each other to determine who will inherit the company. Based on the award winning stage play by Nick Leather. 

Directed by Simon Lovell  

Produced by Nic Crum 


beneath the truth  


Short Film - Costume Assistant

A family period drama set during a 1970's wedding reception. 


Directed by Najan Ward   

Produced by Kingdom Entertainment Group